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Paraclete 10 x 12 Speed Plate Triple Curve. $297.00. Add to Cart. Compare. SALE. Survival Armor #BP318. Survival Armor L7 Ballistic Insert 5" x 8" IIIA. $121.00. $85.25.

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Duritium IV+HS Body Armor Plates THIS IS THE 'BIG DOG' PLATE, DESIGNED TO STOP ANYTHING THAT CAN COME OUT OF A HAND-HELD LONG-BARRELED RIFLE. Armor-piercing protection at 2-3 lbs. (0.9-1.4 kg) less than most competitors and offers a 10-year...

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Armor & ballistic steel plate is designed for a wide variety of military specifications and structural uses that require armor steel plate approved by all US departments and agencies for combat and defense applications.Armor & ballistic steel plate can be utilized in the manufacture of military vehicles, structural housings with high protection ...

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ShotStop® Ballistics Technologies, LLC (ShotStop), an innovative and leading manufacturer of patented and patent-pending advanced ballistic technologies, including, body armor, ballistic backpack/bag inserts, architectural and custom ballistic applications, is proud to announce the release of their ultra-light Level IV HA Armor Piercing Advanced Body Armor …

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IV plates protect against .30 caliber M2 AP 166 gr (2880 ft/s). Shellback Tactical Level IV Body Armor Plates – Model 4S17 is sculpted from hardened ceramic with a polyethylene. backing that provides multi-hit rated ballistic protection that won't weigh you down. With a …

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This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. This is a Safariland Low Visiblity Body Armor Vest. This is sized as'X-Large/Regular' This vest includes soft inserts. Size'Large-Regular' It also includes a set of front and rear Protective Products, International Plates.

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Body Armor Ballistic Plates Custom Hot Sale Military Steel Security Body Armor Bulletproof Vest Ballistic Plates $81.00-$99.00 / Piece 100.0 Pieces (Min. Order)

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When looking for a Level IV body armor plate, law enforcement personnel turn to Ceradyne and their Personal Body Armor DBA-IV. This front ballistic plate comes with a 2-year warranty, a triple curve shape and most importantly, a construction technique that allows the panel to maintain its integrity after being shot. Additional Ballistic Gear

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2 BODY ARMOR, MODULAR TAC. VEST, SIDE PLATE HOLDERS W/ BALLISTIC PANELS. These are 2 body armor. Modular tactical vest, ballistic panels with the coyote side plate holders. Size is 6"x8" to 7"x8" Holders are coyote and panels are OD green. Used but in good condition. $6 PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING TO US ONLY!

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Body Armor vs. Ballistic Plate. Body armor is a Bulletproof gear that aims to protect the user's vital organs and not the whole body per se. It can either be a soft or hard armor. A soft armor has materials that are pliable and can be bent in various directions. Most soft body armor have NIJ (National Institute of Justice) levels II, IIA, and ...

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2 BODY ARMOR, MODULAR TAC. VEST, SIDE PLATE HOLDERS W/ BALLISTIC PANELS. These are 2 body armor. Modular tactical vest, ballistic panels with the coyote side plate holders. Size is 6"x8" to 7"x8" Holders are coyote and panels are OD green. Used but in good condition. $6 PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING TO US ONLY!

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A properly designed and manufactured armor plate can stop a bullet. In fact, modern armor resists bullets better than at any time in the distant past, due to improved design methods. Modern ceramic armor plates are capable of stopping multiple rifle threats: from 7.62×51 M80 to even rounds as powerful as .30-06 APM2.

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As a product of TenCate's heritage as a material company, TenCate Advanced Armor holds a wide experience in material application for anti-ballistic purposes. TenCate Advanced Armor uses this experience to combine fibers, ceramics, and metallic substances into the lightest body armor plates available today.

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MILITECH Bulletproof Plate NIJ III+/NIJ 0101.07RF2 Ballistic Alumina Armor Panel $138.00 to $178.00 4+ watchers Raptor 500D Cordura Tactical Helmet Cover For Wendy SL High Cut Ballistic Helmet

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Interceptor Base Vest, Outershell with Level III SAPI Ceramic Plates Size: Medium Chest: 37 to 41 in. Lot Number: 4239 102 Date of MFG: 12 2004 Outershell NSN: 1-8102 Contract Number: SP0100-04-C-4239 The Interceptor body armor system consists of an Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) and two Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) ballistic plates.

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Battle Steel Level 3+ Special Threat Armor Green Tip M855 Protection. Battle Steel. MSRP: Now: $79.95 - $179.98. Was: THIS ULTRA-LOW PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, MIL-SPEC PLATE IS DESIGNED TO DEFEAT MULTIPLE STRIKES AGAINST GREEN TIP (M855/SS109) Specifications: THIS ULTRA-LOW PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, MIL-SPEC PLATE IS...

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VISM QR Plate Carrier Vest w/ Ballistic Soft Armor Panels Level IIIA 10X12 Black. MSRP: $199.99. CombatSportSupply: $149.99. You Save: $50.00 (25 %) VISM Quick Release Plate Carrier Vest w/ Ballistic Soft Armor Panels Level IIIA 10X12 Black BSPCVPCVQR2964B-A Capable of stopping 9mm and .44 Mag rounds up to 1,400 FPS.

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Nonetheless, a final D.W. hull was constructed from armor plate for ballistic tests. This hull had some changes compared to the previous two hulls, having slightly different armor values that were closer to those on the VK30.01(H). This was completed after September 1940 and shipped to Kummersdorf for firing tests.

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Ballistic Protective Garments & Equipments. Ballistic Protective Plates. Ballistic Protective Shields. Ballistic Protective Underwear. Ballistic Protective Vests. Vehicle Armor Panels. Functional Inner and Outer Wear. Waterproof and Breathable Garments. Sleeping …

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Q&A for VISM Polyethylene Ballistic Plate — 13 Questions & 18 Answers. Q&A for VISM Polyethylene Ballistic Plate. — 13 Questions & 18 Answers. VISM Polyethylene Ballistic Plate (4.8) As Low As $181.99 Save Up to 21%. View Product.

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2.3mm 4.5mm 6.0mm Bulletproof Ballistic Panel Protector Body Armor Plate Steel Panel COD. US$00.00. Prices include VAT and duties (if applicable). View more. This qualifies as a wholesale order,place an inquiry to receive our best price. Enquire Now!

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Armor Plates . Sportsman's Guide offers high quality and reliable Ballistic and Body Armor Solutions for Armor Plates. Shop affordable Level 4 Body Armor Plates that works with most Tactical Entry Vests or Backpacks that will help keep you protected in dangerous situations.

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Side Armor Plates | Black Coated Level 3+ 6×6 Ballistic Side Pocket Plates. 5.00 out of 5. 2 reviews. Get Up to 40% OFF New-Season Styles * Limited time only. $ 70.00 $ 50.00.

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Armox ® protection plates can be delivered with guaranteed ballistic properties. Each grade and thickness is tested according to the most extensive and stringent international standards. In addition we cooperate with leading independent laboratories for ballistic testing in order to offer steel plate armor certified to your required standards.

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PTF's plate backer soft armor sets are available in NIJ 06 certified ballistic soft armor or they can use the 2005 Interim NIJ packages. They are available in level II or IIIA. View our Ballistic Information page for info on our ballistic packages. Package NIJ06 GS3 (IIIA), NIJ06 GS2 (II), NIJ05 GSB (IIIA), NIJ05 L

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Best Body Armor Crafted with Superior Quality High Grade Body Armor For Law & Enforcement Buy Best Quality Heavy Duty Body Armor For Every Situation, NIJ Certified Ballistic Armor Level IIIA, III, III, III LW, IV, For more than 20 years; Security Pro USA has long been regarded by law enforcement agencies as The source for concealable vests, hard body armor, stab proof …

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Armor plate of alloy 7039 is considerably superior to armor plate of alloy 5083 for AP ballistic performance, but less so in FS ballistic performance. In fact, below 1.235 inch gauge, 7039 armor plate is rated below 5083 armor plate in FS ballistic performance according to the military specifications.

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TYZ Ballistic Plate is made of self-developed TYZ PEUD and ceramics, and has been widely used for the personal ballistic protection and armor ballistic protection of domestic and foreign military, police and law enforcement. TYZ PE Ballistic Plate has passed the tests in accordance with standards, such as GA141-2010, NIJ 0101.06, etc.

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Hard Armor Level IV. Ballistic protection rated by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) based on bullet-resistant capabilities. We produce bulletproof vests from soft armor with ballistic level of IIIA / 3A. But our armor plates come in several protection ratings. All our armor plates rated to stop rifle rounds, here are their ballistic levels:

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Hard armour plates. Hard. armour plates. The Ramor550 steel plates are a great and affordable replacement for ceramic composite ballistic plates. The specially designed and hardened steel will prevent any buckling and penetration up to specified calibers. The MT-PRO™ panel brings a new level of protection and performance by adding stab ...



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Armor Australia is a leading designer of Training Plates for Civilian, Military & Law Enforcement end user groups. Armor's Training Plates are suitable for integration with most commercially available plate carriers. Contoured SAPI shape, ergonomic fit for front and rear torso placement. Rounded edges to prevent damage to your plate carrier.

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All of our plate carriers are made of ballistic nylon from 600 denier to 1100 denier fabric. The colors range from OCP Scorpion, Multicam, Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and OD green. We even have a Stars & Stripes Patriotic Plate Carrier. Our plate carriers feature options like quick disconnect cummerbunds, admin pouches, soft armor pockets, side ...